Organic Lawn Care New Jersey About-Us

About Us
In 1987, Harmen Vos emigrated to America from The Netherlands with $500 and wearing wooden shoes.
Since that time, he has been determined to successfully create an organic concept for lawn, tree and shrub care to share with environmentally conscious people in this country that he now calls home. Organic Dutchman LLC has grown into a natural lawn, shrub and tree care business serving homeowners and businesses who want healthy, green lawns without chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides. 
Mr. Vos has developed a very affordable way to enjoy natural lawn care. Work with us to reduce the risks of cancer for all family members especially children and pets who love to play in the grass. 
Growing an organic lawn requires patience, but rest assured you never have to worry about your family members being exposed to dangerous lawn chemicals. 
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