Organic Lawn Care New Jersey Testimonials
Testimonials from Our Customers
Last year, we hired Organic Dutchman to fertilize our lawn because we have well water and were concerned about harmful chemicals. I know it takes time to build a totally healthy lawn with organics but we feel it is worth it for our family's health. So many people commented how great the lawn looked. I highly recommend them!
- Greg M., Chester, NJ  
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With two dogs, dandelions, crabgrass, other assorted weeds, and  years of neglect, my lawn was in desperate need of care. Organic Dutchman has brought my lawn back from the brink of disaster.  Organic Dutchman has been very helpful, reliable, fair, and easy to deal with.  I would recommend the Organic Dutchman for anyone who wants quality lawn care.

                               - Dr. R. Schonberg, Mendham, NJ
After only starting our second season, my husband and I are very glad we chose  Organic Dutchman to service our lawn in Montclair.  Not only do we have peace of mind with our dogs and children using our yard frequently, but the lawn is looking better than it did with the chemical/pesticide treatments it had been receiving.  The lawn looks stronger and healthier and the weeds have actually decreased.  I am recommending their services to my neighbors.

- Laura G., Montclair, NJ
After two applications, I am very pleased with the service and the results. Thank you ! 
                                                                 Bob B., Yardley PA

After landscaping the entire backyard, the sod we put down did not take and half the yard was almost gone six months later. We were sure we were going to have to take out trees to allow more light. Organic Dutchman saved the day and we have a great lawn where I thought it would be impossible.
                                                                 John R., Clinton
I just want to let you know that we are surprised (especially my husband) at how nice our lawn looks in our first year with your service.  I thought that when we switched from all the chemicals that there would be a year or two transition in which our lawn did not look so great.  Well, it looks better than ever.  I also appreciate your quick response when I have questions or concerns.

The only thing I think that could make your service better is if we had advanced notice of when you will be doing the seeding, along with instructions on how to care for the lawn right afterwards.  How long should we wait to mow?  How much should we water? 

Thanks for asking – so glad we found your service.
                                                       -Phoebe M., Bridgewater